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merging files and adding fields

This example features merging of different sus files and creating new data fields (columns) in the table.

sus2text --sort instance --add solved=opt==value --input
steinerTab1.sus --input text2sus.sus instance running_time

The input values come from steinerTab2.sus and text2sus.sus, the output of the two previous examples. As index variable, the label instance (common to the two input files) is used. The additional label solved is introduced, set to the value opt==value, where opt is a label in demofile1.sus and value a label in demofile2.sus.


instance running_time solved

steiner1 123          1     
steiner2 323          0     
steiner3 532          0     
steiner4 954          0

Tobias Polzin 2003-05-30