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command option file

This example features an option file and different ways to define new labels. Notice that the table in the output is not a complete table. The last two entries don't really have a lastword because the last word is used as the value for the free: label already. The default value of 000 is used for the third label in these entries.

Command: text2sus @testfree.dat < testfree.txt | sus2text

# This is a command-line file for text2sus
# Each option is defined in a line, empty lines or lines 
# beginning with "#" are ignored.

# This indicates that each line is a separate record

# We want to parse for the keyword test.

# And for the first word after "free:", the label for this will be
# "freetext".

# And for the last word in the line, getting the label "lastword"


test: 123, free: sadds, ewrwre
test: 444, free: dfgf, trwret
test: 123, free: sadds
test: 444, free: dfgf


test freetext lastword

123  sadds    ewrwre  
444  dfgf     trwret  
123  sadds    000     
444  dfgf     000

Tobias Polzin 2003-05-30