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adding fields with formatting

This example shows some of the possibilities for reformatting data. An additional field avg_time, which is a average of two existing fields run1 and run2, is added to each record. Since all values in a sus file are stored as strings, a conversion to a number is necessary before using these in arithmetic expressions. The computed value is formatted in a field of width 6 with only one digit after the decimal point. This is done using the built-in string formatting from Python, which is similar to printf in C.

table2sus < graph.out | sus2sus '--add=avg_time="%6.1f" %
((float(run1)+float(run2))/2)' > avgrun.sus


{'labels': ['vertices', 'edges', 'run1', 'run2', 'avg_time'],
 'table': [{'vertices': '10', 'avg_time': ' 132.4', 'run2': '141.3',
   'edges': '20', 'run1': '123.6'},
 {'vertices': '20', 'avg_time': '1582.2', 'run2': '842.9', 'edges':
   '80', 'run1': '2321.4'},
 {'vertices': '10', 'avg_time': ' 632.4', 'run2': '832.0', 'edges':
   '40', 'run1': '432.8'},
 {'vertices': '20', 'avg_time': ' 628.6', 'run2': '314.2', 'edges':
   '40', 'run1': '943.1'}]}

Tobias Polzin 2003-05-30