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The .log file generated by labrun is a plain text file. It should be possible for anyone reading the file to understand it immediately, but a particular format is required by the labrerun tool, and this is described here.

A .log file consists mainly of a set of label-value pairs. Labels and values are both character strings and a colon is used to separate a label from its value. This implies that labels cannot contain colons in their names; values may however. Values can be spread over multiple lines by using a + at the beginning of continuation lines.

A value may be followed by an indication of how the value was produced (to facilitate reproducing this value from the labrerun tool). This means, the following three formats of label-value pairs are possible in a .log file:

  1. label: value
  2. label: value {cmd}
  3. $label: value
Formats 2 and 3 are for labels provided exclusively by the user (either on the command line or via a configuration file). Format 3 is used for environment variables recorded in response to the --env option for labrun. Format 2 is for all other kinds of comments. Pairs using format 1 may be provided by the user or by the labrun tool. The following table lists the labels reserved for use by labrun together with explanations of their values.

label explanation
labrun Release release number of labrun
Start date format: weekday month day HH:MM:SS timezone year
OS operating system
Hardware hardware information
Machine hostname
Processor speed and name
Memory size base memory size
L2 data cache L2 data cache size
CVS dirs colon-separated list of directories checked with CVS
CVS date tag current date stamp
Previous logs present if the run was produced by labrerun
Command command line
Exec dir execution directory
Current dir working directory
Output file name of the output file
Error file name of the error file
Error level exit code if command failed
User time estimate of the user time spent for the command (in seconds)
Stop date format: weekday month day HH:MM:SS timezone year

Comments, which will be ignored by labrerun, can be added to a log file in the following ways.



labrun Revision: 1.92

Start date:       Fri Aug  2 15:49:42 CEST 2002
OS:               Linux 2.2.19 #4 Tue Aug 7 16:06:42 CEST 2001
Hardware:         i686
Machine:          mpino1109
Processor:        225 MHz Pentium III (Coppermine)
Memory size:      257920 kB
L2 data cache:    256 KB

Compiler version: 3.1                 {`$CC -v`:version}
$CC:              gcc

CVS dirs:         .
CVS date tag:     2002-08-02 13:49 GMT

Command:          labmex '--Make=gmake' --clean=both --log=lab_clog 
+                 --Make=gmake sort-demo 1000 10
Exec dir:         /home/hert/talks/tool_set/tutorial/sort
Current dir:      /home/hert/talks/tool_set/tutorial/sort
Output file:      ./lab_log/sort-demo-2002-08-02-154942.out

User time:        0.9 sec
Stop date:        Fri Aug  2 15:49:44 CEST 2002

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Tobias Polzin 2003-05-30