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sus2text [<options>] [<label> ...]

sus2text without any <options> or <label>s simply converts a sus file into a human-readable ASCII table. If some <labels> are specified, only these will be extracted from the sus file.

$\Rightarrow$ Tutorial 24:
Convert this table from Tutorial [*] into a sus file then print a table containing all data except running time T2.

table2sus < out-tab.txt | sus2text n T1 T3 type r

Next, we will discuss options that enable filtering, insertion of additional data, merging and combining of sus files.

In what follows, we assume that a sus file, say out.sus, is available and is such that

sus2text < out.sus

produces something similar to out-tab.txt of Tutorial [*].


Tobias Polzin 2002-11-18